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Paper Plant Automation

Paper Plant Automation
Our aim to provide information for Automation solution for Paper Mills and to make them energy efficient

Complete automation, power distribution and electrification solution is enabling a paper machine to run at desired high speed and productivity while minimizing power consumption.

Paper Plant Control system
  • Electrical panels for Paper making /finishing/processing equipment for winders, coaters, super calenders, cutters
  • Drive equipment from large motors (thermal mechanical pulper, chipper) to small motors
  • Power distribution system, High/Low voltage distribution system
  • High and low voltage motors/energy saving inverter systems
  • Instrumentation and control systems for pulp mill and paper machine
  • Factory Automation control system for finishing process/ logistics/warehouse automation
  • Utility monitoring system to save energy (Load Shedding and load management
  • Instrumentation and electric control integrated system/Manufacturing control system(SCADA/DCS/HMI)

Sectional drive Automation

A key factor in sectional drive automation is to raise speed and maintain the high velocity of variable speed drive systems, that speed-control the process with exceptional accuracy. Each of the drive systems has to operate at a different, yet coordinated and highly precise speed. If they don’t, the web (paper) will break, reducing productivity and impairing product quality.

  • Sectional paper machine for newsprint paper
  • Sectional paper machine for fine and medium quality paper
  • Paper machine for craft liner
  • Paper machine for household paper (tissue etc.)
  • Paper machine for core board paper
  • Paper machine for specialty paper
  • Multi-wire control system
  • Single canvas, gear-less drive control system
  • On coat machine control (Tension control, Synchronized speed control)
  • Reel center drive control system
  • Draw set by band
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Energy efficiency begins with a well-designed power distribution and electrification system. The drive systems are part of a large Composite Plant Solution, an all-in-one package in which we act as EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contractor and provided a complete power distribution and electrification solution including engineering design, construction, integration of all products and systems, as well as commissioning.

Paper Mill Control and Automation
  • Stock Preparation
  • Headbox
  • Dry End
  • Control of Mechanical Pulp Making
  • Thermomechanical Pulping (TMP) Refiner Control
  • Control of Chemical Pulp Making
  • Control of Recovery Boiler
  • Control of Papermaking
  • Grade Change Automation
  • Control of Quality Variables
  • Machine Direction (MD) Control
  • Cross-Machine Direction (CD) Control
  • Headbox Control
  • Consistency
  • Retention Control
  • Wet End Management
System configuration and design
The success of the project depends on decisions made in its very early stages. Tycon can create the optimal design for the basic network structure including voltage levels, short- circuit capacity and electrical supply design, insuring optimal solutions. Tycon has insight into the technical options and limitations of alternative network solutions, as well as an in- depth understanding of the impact design decisions have on life-cycle costs.
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Power network managing
Electricity usage management ensures electricity availability at an optimum level for all equipment in the entire pulp and paper mill and improves the control of secondary reactive energy. The management concept covers control, supervision, data collection, maintenance, voltage regulation, simulation and operator support.

Power network protection
Tycon knows the special requirements of the pulp and paper industry, its processes and equipment. Tycon also has the knowledge needed to measure and analyze the industrial electrical network, and the know-how to design and install the best solutions and devices to protect the network against harmful phenomena.

Load shedding
The load shedding function can be utilized to save the most essential processes from electrical disturbances. As one of the most challenging elements of a well designed system, it is based on the integration of versatile protection functions and automation systems.

Project execution services
World class project execution and on-site support require dozens of tasks to be coordinated and executed to ensure a successful start up. Tycon provides professional project ma- nagement to secure your success. Highly qualified Tycon per- sonnel make sure your mill has smooth and effective project implementation from installation through start-up.

Customer training
Customer training on-site and in Tycon’s training centers ensu- res that operators get the maximum advantage from products and systems.

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